Homework Centre

The Homework Centre is run at school, in the Grade R-area from directly after school to 17h00 on Mondays to Fridays.

Fees:  R12 per afternoon per child (only payable for days that the child attended)


Erika Greyling  (Contact number:  084 016 7468)

Ria Laubsher (Contact number:  082 368 4502)

Please take note:

  • No holiday care available
  • No food or drinks are supplied (parents must supply lunchbox)
  • No tuckshop is available

Please contact Erika Greyling at 084 016 7468 for any enquiries.


Arbeidsterapie is die assessering en behandeling deur middel van spesifieke gebruik van aktiwiteite om kinders te help om hulle hoogste vlak van deelname in alledaagse aktiwiteite te bereik.  Arbeidsterapie is 'n wye veld waarvan pediatrie slegs een afdeling is.

Kinders met ontwikkelingsagterstande, intellektuele inperkings, skoolgerigte probleme, konsentrasie probleme en spesiale kondisies kan baatvind by Arbeidsterapie behandeling.  Tydens Arbeidsterapie sessies word perseptuele vaardighede, fyn en grof motoriese vaardigede, lewensvaardighede en skoolgerigte aktiwiteite stimuleer ten einde optimaal te kan ontwikkel.  Elke kind se behandelingsprogram word spesifiek uitgewerk volgens die kind se vermoëns, ouderdom en probleem-areas. 


Ek is 'n gebore Laevelder en het in die omgewing groot geword en skool gegaan.  Na skool het ek vir 'n ruk die mooi groen plek verruil vir die Vrystaat, waar ek gaan studeer het.  Ek het vir 'n jaar in Ficksburg gemeenskapsdiens gedoen en daarna het die Lebomboberge my weer terug gelok Laeveld toe!  Ek is bevoorreg om met 'n boer te kon trou en ons geniet die plaas lewe baie!  Ek het begin met my eie privaat praktyk in 2011 in Komatipoort en het in 2013 aangesluit by die Malelane gemeenskap.  

Ek het 'n passie daarvoor om met kinders te werk wat ontwikkelingsagterstande het, skoolgerigte probleme ervaar, konsentrasie probleme of spesiale kondisies het.  

Tans werk ek in Malelane op Maandae en Donderdae, vanaf omtrent 9h00 tot 16h00.  Die ure wissel maar afhangende van die hoeveelheid kinders wat ek sien!  Dinsdae en Woensdae is ek werksaam in Komatipoort en Vrydae doen ek assesserings in Malelane of Komatipoort.

Terapie sessies en evaluasies word per afspraak gereël.  

Ek sien kinders met ontwikkelingsagterstande, spesiale kondisies, sowel as skoolgerigte probleme. 

Kontak my gerus by:  

072 253 8869

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sonja Loock

Speech Therapist 

Speech Therapy defined and put into perspective in terms of multidisciplinary interventions for young children

“A career in speech, language and hearing therapy challenges you to use your intellect (the talents of your mind) in combination with your humanity (the gifts in your heart) to do meaningful work that feeds your soul…I am proud to be a member of what I consider to be the best profession on earth.”- Megan Hodge.

This quote is a summary of all my favourite things in life. I am passionate about communication. It’s by far my favourite thing to do! As a speech therapist I believe that it’s my job to help every patient develop their fullest potential. That’s why I emphasize the fact that a speech therapist greatest benefit is her personality.

I am a farm girl originally from a small town, Koppies, in the Free state. I’ve studied at Stellenbosch University and received a B-Speech, Language and Hearing Therapy degree. I did my community service year at Dihlabeng hospital in Bethlehem where I had the privilege of working with children with a wide variety of disorders.  I’ve recently became a lowvelder and provide my services at Flying Colours and as well as local schools.  I am currently a final year student at the University of Pretoria as a Hearing Aid Acoustician.

The educationalist James Britton stated that Reading and writing floats on a sea of talk. This is why early intervention is necessary. It’s the building blocks of your child’s education.

 What is Speech Therapy?

A Speech and language therapist provides life-changing treatment, support and care for children who have difficulties with articulation, receptive and expressive language skills (semantics, syntax, pragmatics & morpheme’s), phonological awareness and auditory processing. We focus on early intervention and pre-linguistic skills. Speech therapy also provides appropriate techniques for stutter.

Speech and language therapists (SLTs) are allied health professionals. They work closely with parents, carers and other professionals, such as teachers, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, remedial teachers and doctors.

What are the benefits of Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy is more than just therapy that focuses on speech. We focus on language and listening skills as well. Speech therapy gives your child the skills to communicate in any environment. It provides your child (second language speaker) with vocabulary to cope in a school environment. We as therapists can see the impact that therapy has on a child’s confidence and scholastic performance.

Who can benefit from Speech Therapy?

Individuals with the following problems can benefit from speech therapy:

  • Poor listening skills (following instructions, auditory memory, sequential auditory memory, auditory discrimination)
  • Reading and writing problems (phonological awareness)
  • Speech and language delay (second language learners)
  • Special need children (Autism, Down syndrome, CP etc.)

Why choose Speech Therapy?

Speech and language are part of the foundation of scholastic performance. It provides skills to cope in a school environment as well as communication situations. In some cases it teach the individual to express his/her basic needs.

How does Speech Therapy fit into the multidisciplinary approach for children where early intervention is the focus?

Speech and language are part of the developmental stages. If there are a delay in speech or language skills a developmental delay can be expected. Therefor it is ideal to refer the child as soon as possible. If the child needs occupational therapy as well as speech therapy the speech therapist and occupational therapist can work together. They can set goals (speech and occupational goals) and combine them in one session. If a child has risk factors e.g. low birth weight or premature birth it’s important to educate the parents on what they can expect in the future and on what they can do to prevent any developmental delays. Prevention is always better then cure.

Lizélda de Bruin

072 313 5265

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