Buitemuurse Aktiwiteite


Daar is 'n groot groep Lanies wat gereeld aan bergfietskompetisies deelneem.  Dis 'n individuele en buitemuurse sport, maar die Lanie-span het ook aan die Spur School Series deelgeneem en in 2016 in die 3de plek geëindig!

Die Lanie fietsryers neem deel aan die volgende kompetisies:

  • Ashburton Series
  • Mopanie reeks
  • Spur School Series
  • SA Cup
  • SA Mountain bike Championships
  • Mpumalanga Marathon Series, wat onder andere die Nkomazi MTB Challenge insluit


Malelane, Hectorspruit, Komatipoort

Monkeynastix classes are held at Malelane Laerskool for Gr R learners, at 07h30 on Tuesday mornings.

The Monkeynastix programme is fun, non-competitive, builds self-confidence and a positive self-image and focus on long term motivation for a healthy and active lifestyle.

 Gross and fine motor skills and perceptual development is fundamental for higher order learning.  Movement is the most important part of a child’s development, as it forms the foundation for all areas of learning.  The programme helps to lay a solid and firm foundation to prepare kids for Grade 1 and help them reach their full potential.

Please give your child this opportunity.  Remember that every time your child moves, the door to learning opens!  Let Monkeynastix take your child on a journey of discovery that will not only shape the body, but wire the mind for academic success!!!


Membership/Registration Fee :       R 190,00

Term Fee :                                              R 420,00 per term (8 lessons)


For more information please contact me.


Monkeynastix Greetings


Sandra Stassen

072 306 0482

Modern Dancing

Dance classes for children from 3 years and onwards. Classes are held in the Malalane Primary School hall on Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons. Class times vary according to age and dance experience. Pupils participate in the Nelspruit Eisteddfod, Exams and Concert yearly. Costs for dance classes are R340.00 per month for 8 classes.

Dancing is a wonderful way to explore music and movement through the use of stories, props and games. Dancing also improves large and fine motor skills, balance, co-ordination, timing, social skills and self dicipline while having fun.

Dance outfits are Leotard , tights or ski pants, or skirt, of which all are available from me.

Pupils are expected to attend all classes if they are wanting to participate in all of the above activities. All pupils must attend dance class in the correct dance wear as well as neat hair. Parents are allowed to watch classes during the first week of each month only as it disrupts classes and pupils.

For any other information please contact me.

Glynnis Coetzee


E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Malelane Dojo:  Shotokan karate

Oefen tye:  Maandae en Woensdae vanaf 18h00 tot 19h00

2 graderings per jaar – een in Junie en dan weer in November

Plek:  Hervormde Kerksaal, Fish Eagle Bend

Fooie betaalbaar:

R300 aansluitings fooi

R250 per maand en

R250 per gradering - 2 maal per jaar


Almal welkom van 6 tot 100 jaar oud!!


Kontak  besonderhede:

Sensei Grobbies van der Westhuizen

Selfoon:  083 747 5769

Carel van der Westhuizen

Selfoon:  076 541 5841

A+ Students

A+ Students is a Japanese method of education that teaches children as young as 2½ (30 months) to solve complex arithmetic problems, by playing with educational toys like the Soroban and our A+ Play Maths range of educational toys. A Students is powerful brain development! A+ Students improves concentration and boosts self-confidence, improves intelligence and creates a love for Maths.

In the programme, we help children to develop both their left and right brain capabilities. At the same time A+ Students aims at creating a love for Maths.  A+ Students enables learners to "see" Maths.  A+ Students is much more than a mathematics course, it will also heighten the skill level that learners need throughout various learning areas like: 

·        comprehension

·        concentration

·        the ability to listen and pay attention

·        creativity and problem-solving

Our approach is "learning through play".  Our lessons are interactive, physical and great fun.

The maximum class size is 7 learners per 45 min or 1 hour lessons. 

For enrolment forms or more information, contact Janine Steyn directly at 082 823 2311, or visit the website:  http://www.aplusstudents.co.za/